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Air Gesture Controller

Bored with using keyboards, mouse, and so-called pens for your PCs and Tablets?

Today I am going to tell you about a very fascinating and my personal favorite gadget that I want to get very soon.

This is a Tap Strap 2 which enables you to work on your computers just by air gestures and tapping controls over the screen of your device.

The Tap works with any application or device that supports mouse and keyboard input.

Let me get things straight to the point, Tap is a hand-worn wearable that allows you to type, mouse, and use air gestures to control any device - all with one hand.

Connecting over Bluetooth, you can control your phone, laptop, VR headset, tablet, Smart TV, and everything else using easy finger taps and gestures.

Let me tell you a fundamental feature of this gadget,

The Tap Strap is a 1,000 DPI Optical Mouse.

When you place your thumb down on a surface, Tap automatically turns into a mouse.

You move the cursor with small movements of your thumb and control the mouse clicks with finger taps.

To LEFT CLICK, you tap your index finger, and to RIGHT CLICK, you tap your middle finger.

There are clicks for all of the basic mouse commands such as drag-and-drop, and scrolling.

Lift your hand from the surface & Tap automatically turns back into a keyboard fascinating, isn't it?

Using Oculus’ native Hand Tracking & the Tap strap, you can easily input text to search and communicate in social apps within your Quest headset.

You can type on any surface without needing to look at your hands and without using the handheld controllers.

You can get this fabulous wearable to get rid of extra luggage of mouse and keyboards.

You just need the Tap Strap 2 to get along with you device.

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