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Rear-view Handlebar Mirror

Do you love to do cycling, biking adventures?

Then this product is all about a customized and really cool extension for your bicycle.

This product adds safety and style without compromising looks and performance.

This Corky Bike Mirror mounts sleekly to the end of your handlebars.

You can simply flip out the mirror for instant rear-view vision, then flip and it is closed, no one can even witness it was there.

This awesome mounting mirror can offer an unmatched field of vision in an incredibly compact size.

It is a convex lens that Safely spots cars from up to 100 meters (328 ft) away and bikes from up to 40 meters (131 ft) away.

The Mirror has a 35mm diameter and weighs only 26g.

How great isn't it? This handle-bar mirror offers 360 degrees of rotation, so you can quickly adjust the field of view for optimal performance and improved safety.

When closed, the mirror lens stows securely in place and is kept safe from scuffs and scratches.

Whether you are a bike commuter, scooter rider, or road cyclist Corky urban is the perfect handlebar mirror for anyone who needs to improve rear-view vision but doesn’t want to sacrifice on looks.

This product manufacturer provides you with a durable ABS plastic body, Polycarbonate (PC) glass mirror, and steel mounting bolt for secure installation

So, Riders Let's get ready to Ride

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