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Colour changing faucet

It is very really unimaginable when we see colorful water coming out of the tap when you go for a bath.

Your kids gonna love them, I guarantee you on this.

Now everyone loves to do the dishes and keep going for taking a colorful water bath.

I am talking about a LED color faucet that comes with 7 colors and mixes well, it is displayed automatically when water flows.

This device Automatically changes one color every 2 to 3 seconds.

The most interesting thing about this faucet is there are No batteries, no wire needed it works on hydraulic drive generation which generates their own power.

No need for the power supply, also is safe and environmental.

The LED light will light up when you turn on the tap.

It fascinates me a lot when I see this kind of magical item are available in the market and children are loving it the most.

It is a Perfect Gift as a toy, it entertains the kids with glowing LEDs.

Kids will wash their hands more and more which keeps them safe from bacteria.

Its Great value is a bit of fun for children and they love them Gasps of wonderment and giggles of delight every time they turn on the tap.

It is so easy to install and If fitted properly, it couldn't appear the water leaks or sprays everywhere.

It is Made up of ABS material that provides excellent corrosion resistance with surface precision polishing and has nickel and chromium plating layers.

I must say it is very Ideal for the bathroom or kitchen and very fantastic for every indoor water application.

Let me tell you about its color facilitation; When Water flows down,

The LED will light instantly, and automatically Water glows Blue when water is Cold for a temperature below 32 Centigrade Water glows Green when water is Warm temperature is 33 Centigrade. Water glows Red when water is Hot temperature above 42 Centigrade. When the temperature is above 46 Centigrade, the Red color will flash instantly.

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