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Plankster That made Plank Easy

For all the Gym-oholic people and health-conscious humans out there today I've brought you an amazing product to enhance your exercising time by 30 minutes extra because now you will get an interactive board to keep you engaged in your workout sessions.

This product is all about a new portable health club quality fitness product that pushes you to the new level of core training in the atmosphere of your own home or your favorite place.

Now you can Plank and Play Games with proprietary 360-degree motion with this stealth plankster board.

Stealth provides you with a superior multi-directional dynamic exercise experience that allows you to move at multiple angles while playing innovative fitness games on your phone.

The people using this plankster are getting a strong core and a healthy back in under 3 minutes a day.

Stealth Plankster core trainer uses your core strength to control the action on your mobile phone screen, making static exercises like the plank more engaging — for your muscles and your brain. it includes 4 games "Stealth Speed Gliding", "Color Chase", "Galaxy Adventure" and "Space Escape."

Let me tell you one more thing about this product that will intrigue your interest in purchasing it for your daily exercise sessions.

It can easily sustain any weight up to 250 pounds and also it is very light about only 4.5kg.

It is for any size smartphone for a fun engaging workout.

Stealth plankster core trainer takes one of the most basic training exercises, the plank, and turns it into a full-on gaming experience.

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