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A device that converts your laptop into a touchscreen.

airbar touch screen laptop

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Have you ever wondered to give your non-touch PC touchscreen functionalities?

Want to make your existing Laptop more fun?

Do you instinctively touch your laptop screens to select something, but then realize it's not a

touch screen?

Here’s the magic device that can help you achieve those features!

- Airbar Touch Screen Sensor

AirBar Sensor allows you to experience tablet-like functions on your Laptop/Pc by simply

plugging it into the USB port.

Its main aspect is that it emits an invisible light field over a laptop screen that senses your finger touch and allows you to swipe, highlight, pinch, zoom, rotate through your files.

Its Features include:

- Touch Using Most Any Object

- Connects instantly through USB Port

- Sleek and Lightweight

- Anti-Static Screen Wipe

Experiencing touch selection is now possible on your Laptop.

We believe this is a perfect product to make your Laptop/pc times more fun!

Click Below to Purchase

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