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No More Splish-Splash of the drinks


Are you always afraid of your drinks getting spilled?

A constant fear of breaking the mugs?

Clumsiness giving you a hard time?

Brace yourself with our elegant product - XiaomiFiu Elegant Not Pouring Cup!

Bid Adieu to the accidental sprinkling of your beverages.

This elegant not pouring cup comes with double insulation and is splash-proof.

It also has stable suction that allows you to stop worrying about that accidental sprinkling all over the place.

It comes with features like:

- Splash Proof

- Non-slip

- Stainless Thermos Home Tea Mug

- Double insulation

- Ergonomic design for comfortable grip

- Dust-proof cup cover

- BPA free, safe and non-toxic

We highly believe that this product solves half of the office and household issues regarding the consumption of beverages without sprinkling.

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