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Give your drawer a fingerprint lock

smart fingerprint lock drawer


Tired of carrying the bunch of keys wherever you go?

Takes you forever to find the key to the drawer?

why not make an ordinary drawer as your safe lock box?

Worry not! We have the perfect solution for you! - Biometric cabinet lock

Designed smartly for maximum reliability with great unlocking speed.

Specially made for fast identification of fingerprints.

This product is suitable for doors, drawers, lockers, etc.

This Biometric Lock comes with multiple features like:

- Smart & smooth Lock

- Comes with 3 colors Led light: Green, Red, Blue

- Material: PC, ABS

- Power Supply: USB3.7V

- Battery capacity: built-in 500mAh battery

- Capacity: 20 fingerprint

Are you excited about the product? You certainly should be!

All of your issues with keeping your information private will be resolved. Except for you, no one else has permission to touch your belongings.

You will also not be required to purchase a large safe lock and keep your belongings in it. You can simply convert any drawer or cabinet into a safe locker.

The most intriguing aspect is that it does not cost a fortune but is cost effective.

Click Below to Purchase

link to buy smart fingerprint drawer

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