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Keychain with Chargeable Flashlight

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got lost on an adventure trip and didn't have a torch?

You're probably wondering who still carries a torch in this day and age of flashlights.

As we all know, phones don't last more than a day or two, and people love to use them all the time, but let's be honest: flashlights eat your precious phone battery.

So Present to you A keychain flashlight,

It is a bright keychain flashlight with 2 LEDs of 260 lumens white light for daily use lighting and a 5 lumen auxiliary for the red light. It makes great for everyday carry or outdoor activities like camping, hiking, etcetera.

It is so compact that it is just less than two inches long and weighs under an ounce, you can easily carry this EDC flashlight on your keychain or have it clipped to a bag.

It has an Impact Resistance of up to 1 meter and has a great Brightness & Runtimes.

Here is some different operating specifications it can satisfactory perform at :

High: 260 lumen / 45 min

Mid: 80 lumen / 1 hr 15 min

Low: 30 lumen / 3 hr

Eco: 5 lumen / 18 hr

Red: 4 lumen / 5 hr 30 min

Red Flash: 4 lumen / 6 hr

So, what are you waiting for? Let us begin your new adventure with a new gadget.

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