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Digital Sunglasses

You read that right!

A sunglass that is all you wanted from all this time, I know.

This article is all about a very attractive and fancy wearable that is gonna help you listen to your Siri, Alexa, Google, or any phone calls but at the same time, it protects your eyes from eyestrains and UV radiations.

It has contain CSR Bluetooth High-end Chipset which allows you to Speak for Directions, Weather, or Traffic Updates; Speak to Play Music from Your Favorite App Stations like Pandora, Spotify.

oho sunshine smart glasses

The Transitional Technology Lens will Change Lens Color from Clear to Dark Grey Outdoor Under Sunshine and will Change Dark Grey to Clear Color for Indoor applications like gaming, cycling. It has Impact Resistant for Eye and Face Protection Devices. Eventually, it provides you with Anti Eyestrain, Anti Scratch, Anti Smudgy specifications.

oho sunshine smart glasses

Single Button Control for Power On and Calls, Enjoy the Freedom of Wireless Mobile Calls, Free Music, and more.

Bluetooth Glasses are Compatible with all Version or Brand Name Mobile Phones, It Can Connect Two Smart Phones, and Answer Calls from either one.

Press the Bluetooth Command Button to pause or play your music station and get started with Perfect Combination of Bluetooth Headphone and Sunglasses which will give you a Transmitter distance of 30fts.

Start keeping your eyes safe and sound with this amazing wearable and provide an awesome road trip to your loved ones.

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