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A Neck Reading Light

Do you love reading books at night?

I'm sure many people do this thing a lot when they like to read books and suffer from adequate lightening problems and the most problematic part is when it causes strain to the reader for a long time reading.

Today I am going to give a little description about this cool gadget which is very popular among the students and many readers around the globe.

This is a fully electronic device with bendable arms and gives up to 80 hours (general reading, single head) of powerful, non-diminishing brightness from the included premium rechargeable 1000mAh battery.

neck reading light

The most advantageous part of this device is no flickering and blue light filter design with advanced LED beads. There is no eye strain for both kids and adults. The arms are supple and adjustable so you can get the angle most comfortable to you. The Ergonomic neck around design provides you more flexibility and it is totally hands-free!

neck light features

One more cool thing about this product I would love to tell is each head owns an independent switch for 3 brightness levels dimmable, you will set the color of illumination by your choice in this band. You can choose a comfortable setting as you wish for reading, knitting, camping, repairing, etc.

Out there bookoholics, Isn't this an amazing products!!

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