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 self defence pen

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YES!!! you read that correctly. This pen is capable of saving a life.

But why use this pen when a regular pen will suffice?

Imagine you live in a dangerous city or area, and you walk or drive home from work and are confronted by a robber; this is where this pen comes in handy as a self-defense weapon. It's possible that this will never happen, but quite possible to happen someday.

You might be wondering how this pen might save your life after reading such dull information.

This pen is designed to give a variety of tools needed in everyday life, as well as a clever multi-tool pen for emergency defense and survival.

Who wouldn't desire a pen that could save their own life?

The characteristics of this pen :

• It has a sharp and strong nip which can be used as self-defense.

• Pen is very sharp and can be used to cut the ropes if you are tied up by someone.

• This pen can shine bright light in dark areas (torch).

• It has a high-quality metal body which makes it strong and sturdy.

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