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Do you have bedside lamp?

Are you planning on buying a lamp?

Do you want to change your bedside lamp?

You can't sleep with the lights off?

Do you have to wake up again to switch off your lamp?

if you are not from any of the above person then i think after reading and knowing about this lamp it will definitely change your mind.

And if you have any of the problems listed above, your wait is over!


This lamp has three distinct features:

First and foremost, you can adjust the brightness to your liking.

Second, it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. People who enjoy listening to music while sleeping would therefore benefit from this.

Third, and most importantly, it has a wireless charger. You can charge your device at night and have it fully charged by the morning.

Also, if your socket is far away from your bed and you are too lazy to get up and charge it, this is the solution.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing......

In the night mode, this lamp will turn off automatically after 30 minutes, so you won't have to worry about turning it off.

Isn't it the coolest feature?

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